Habit Challenge: Drink fresh water with every meal.

For the next two weeks, I challenge you to drink fresh water with every meal. 

Water is the most important nutrient in your diet. Nothing else comes close. Got your attention? 

It’s therefore a truly vital resource for the human body. 

We know it is indispensable for life itself, and provides essential functions for good health. In fact, it is the most widely used nutrient involved in the process and make up of the body. 

Daily water intake is extremely important in helping to replenish water lost through bodily processes including urination, sweating and breathing. 

When the water is not replaced, we become dehydrated. It’s clear that even a small amount of dehydration can hold us back from being our best. 

It’s time to get hydrated! 

How can I personalise this habit? 

Choose how much water you would like to start consuming with each meal and thus daily. If you’re not used to drinking fresh mineral water, then start with a small amount each meal, like 100ml. If you’re used to drinking fresh water, then focus on increasing your consistency or slightly increase you normal intake. 

How can I make this habit easy? 

The first step is to scale the habit to something you are 90-100% confident you can do for 6 days of the week. Have one day off per week from completing the habit. 

What can I piggyback off of? 

It’s likely the existing trigger to eat something will be the cue for this habit. It could also be linked to meal preparation if you like to bulk cook for days ahead. You can also prep your water for each meal then too. Just pick a pre- existing habit to use as your reminder. 

TO DO: Create your personal version of the habit to commit to this challenge! 

Here’s a template: 

I am 90-100% confident that I will [insert habit] for 6 days a week after I [insert what you’re going to piggyback off of]. 

Here’s an example: 

I am 90-100% confident that I will drink 250ml of fresh water with every meal for 6 days a week after I start to eat. 

P.S. Don’t worry about making this perfect. I’ll help you adjust over the next few weeks.