One of the top questions I’m asked about water is “which type of water should I be drinking?” 

The first thing to say is that, when I say water intake, I really do mean pure water. 

The best source of water, is water. Not energy drinks, not coffee, not juice, and definitely not alcohol. If you need a drink, get some fresh water. 

Here in the UK, most drinking water comes from the tap.  It’s 100% safe enough to drink, as it has been ‘treated’ before use. So drink up. 

But you might find bottled, filtered or mineral water tastes better and gives you a higher level of minerals for improved hydration levels. 

Bottled water is big business and many people buy it because of perceived health and safety benefits, for its improved purity, or for ‘taste free’ factors. 

These reasons might not hold water (excuse the pun). There are no existing guidelines requiring bottled water to meet higher standards for quality (such as a maximum level of contaminants), than standards imposed on public drinking water supplies. 

As a matter of fact, it is suggested that anywhere between 25-40% of bottled water comes from the same municipal supplies as tap water, and has only been filtered to remove chlorine to improve taste. 

It’s important to understand how the source of your bottled water may affect its overall quality. 


When you complete the habit today, take a minute to reflect on the past week or so of doing the habit. 

What has it actually been like, has drinking more water been easier or harder than you thought?

How do you feel?

What obstacles have come up, and are there ways to overcome them for next week? 

Treat habit formation as a learning process, as a way to learn about yourself, your mind, mindfulness, resistance and more and not just drinking more water.

Jayne 🥛