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This is one of my absolute favourite event formats 🙏🏻

What could be better than feeling that you’ve had a really challenging workout and finishing the session calm, chilled and ready to float off to bed at the end of a long day💆🏼‍♀️🎵?

This session is:-

💚 Great for recharging your batteries and uplifting, against the backdrop of Ibiza chill out classics.

💛A multi level workout with options, adaptations and challenge for those who have attended pilates classes before (either in person or online).

💚A great way to challenge your total body strength, balance, flexibility, tone in this ‘core and more’ intervals based energising workout with an optional relaxation component 🪔.

No equipment required … just a mat or thick towel, cushion & throw for relaxation 🕯

Watch via zoom 🎥 or in my Studio On Demand Facebook Studio 📺. 

Can’t make the live? Noooooo problem with each purchase you’ll receive a link to the recording of the session available for you to access for up to 7 days at the end of the event 📼.

Join me for this workout with challenge 🔥that is just perfect for the end of a busy/long day 🛏.

Jayne 💚